Supercell Launches Official ClashRoyale API

Hog Riderrrrrrr! Two years after the successful launch of ClashRoyale, Supercell has announced the availability of an official API for the tower rush game. The ClashRoyale APITrack this API promises near real-time access to game data including players, cards, clans and more.

Supercell is no doubt hoping that developers will build applications and websites that will serve the community. In addition to the data mentioned above, access is provided to data about player locations and tournaments. The API is currently read only and all responses are JSON formatted. Security is handled via an API Key and JSON Web Token. Rate limits are in place for the API though the Documentation doesn’t clearly state what they are.

To show an example of the API in action, here is a look at my player information using the request below:


Which returns the following:

 "tag": "#Y990UPGL",
 "name": "w78",
 "expLevel": 12,
 "trophies": 4419,
 "bestTrophies": 4419,
 "wins": 4090,
 "losses": 4102,
 "battleCount": 12490,
 "threeCrownWins": 1376,
 "challengeCardsWon": 1547,
 "challengeMaxWins": 10,
 "tournamentCardsWon": 0,
 "tournamentBattleCount": 9,
 "role": "member",
 "donations": 96,
 "donationsReceived": 160,
 "totalDonations": 49982,
 "warDayWins": 16,
 "clanCardsCollected": 19965,
"currentFavouriteCard": {
   "name": "Tesla",
   "id": 27000006,
   "maxLevel": 13,
   "iconUrls": {
     "medium": ""

The ClashRoyale community already has an unofficial API, the RoyaleAPITrack this API, that currently offers a more robust set of data. This API has been used to build sites that allow players to build decks that are likely to be successful, track their win rates and monitor the participation of other players within their clans.

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