Supercharge Excel Spreadsheets with Dashdash

Dashdash, a new spreadsheet automation and Integration tool provider, introduced its latest no-code, spreadsheet tool: templates. Dashdash templates give users a number of prebuilt, customizable tools to perform certain integrated functions directly within a spreadsheet. Examples including finding companies by size with a dashdash/Crunchbase integration, finding phone numbers by name and company with a Pipl + dashdash/Google search integration, and many more.

"Ever since we started building dashdash, our purpose has always been to create tools that make computation accessible to everyone," Humberto Ayres Pereira, Dashdash co-founder and CEO, commented in a blog post announcement. "We want to allow the 1 billion Excel users worldwide to easily build tools catering to their personal and professional needs without code and using a familiar interface - a spreadsheet!"

Prior to templates, Dashdash had already started supercharging Excel spreadsheets with Instant Integrations. Instant Integrations allows users to connect third-party business tools such as MailChimp and Google directly within Excel cells. Such tools are connected similarly to Excel formulas.

Templates expand on the functionality of the integration through data scraping and filtering. Based on a dataset input, templates automatically find targeted information based on required inputs. For instance, the Crunchbase integration requires company size and category as input, and the output is a list of companies with the matching criteria and associated data (company name, domain, founding date, etc.)

Specific template use case categories include operations, marketing, finance, HR & recruiting, Sales, sending messages, people enrichment, company enrichment, people finding, and company finding, and more. Dashdash is currently accepting early access requests. The company has already built a robust forum where users are discussing their use of this powerful new spreadsheet tool.

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