Supermetrics Overhauls its Marketing API

Supermetrics, a marketing data solution provider, has updated the Supermetrics APITrack this API. Supermetrics has always been about extracting data from marketing and advertising platforms for use in analytical tools. The new API expands on that vision and delivers more user-friendly tools and abilities for custom solutions.

At its core, the Supermetrics API allows marketers to move data from various advertising platforms into business analytics tools. The API connects the various data sources through connectors specific to those sources. This alleviates the need for multiple, complex API integrations for each data source.

Connectors are used to pull data from the sources, and schemas are used to pull the correct data. A schema is a specific query used to extract a target data field. Metrics and dimensions are added to the queries to deliver the proper data to reporting tools, data warehouses, and other custom solutions. The Supermetrics API allows users without extensive API knowledge to leverage its ability through an easy User Interface.

As expected with any API overhaul, the underlying technology of the new Supermetrics API has greatly improved. The API now pulls paginated data, process queueing has been improved, and it also supports Asynchronous queries. Additionally, Supermetrics has added a number of new user tools, starting with a new query manager that allows users to create and connect queries with a few mouse clicks. Additionally, users can build custom queries, save queries for later use, build custom data extraction schemas, and all data can be pulled into any business intelligence tool. For more information, check out the updated docs.

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