The SupportBee API: Putting Buzz into Your Help Desk

The SupportBee API is REST with response format in JSON that supplies help desk ticket software for customer service, service that is provided by human responses. With the API, developers can create new applications that integrate SupportBee into their software. Tickets can be created, retrieved, searched, archived and unarchived, assigned to a user or group, starred for later follow up, and marked for spam. Users of the company (who respond to the tickets) are confirmed.

The SupportBee brand is invisible to the consumer, seamlessly appearing to be part of the company deploying it.

SupportBee, whose motto is "delight your customers," occupies the space between large CRM solutions built for giants like Walmart, on the one hand, and resorting to little more than email accounts to communicate with customers, on the other. The first is too complex for the job, the second lacks features critical for delivering timely and effective help.

The advantage of SupportBee is that it accentuates the human face of help, allowing companies to communicate with customers through emails that aren't cluttered with glaring ticket number headlines or case IDs.

As Nischal Shetty of states,

"I love that SupportBee does not push itself on our users. When we respond to our customers, they receive an email without any extra fluff. It gives us the advantages of email along with the ability to have multiple people handle our support requirements."

Another customer, Abine, a Boston company helping people protect their online privacy, states the advantages of SupportBee succinctly. As one team member told SupportBee, looking at the help desk, their staff members:

"just jump in when needed. What we really like about SupportBee is that if somebody just wants to jump in, they can go in the ‘unanswered’ queue and pick off a couple of tickets and it will take it off the list for everybody else. It is nice to be sharing an inbox as opposed to having no control over that. People who don’t know everything about everything can just jump in and just start answering requests that they know."

Pricing is done by the volume of tickets, which SupportBee claims is important. By not charging companies per employee logging into the system, SupportBee encourages companies to devote the person power required for providing prompt responses.

SupportBee has an interesting history: it started in Bangalore, then received a grant from the Chilean government to move to Chile, and transported its entire team to Santiago.

As Joanna Yeo writes in e27:

"the founders were previously working on a music sharing site that allows musicians to broadcast to their Facebook and Twitter circle. Unlike some startups that pivot their ideas as a result of a failing first attempt, Muziboo was actually gaining pretty good traction. However, the founders identified a greater opportunity while trying to manage and keep up with the heap of email interactions. They then decided to pivot to create SupportBee, a helpdesk software for SMBs to provide customer email support."

The co-founder, Prateek Dayal, has big plans for the API. As he told e27:

"we also want to focus on evangelizing our API and launching a 3rd party app Platform. Today, most companies use a lot of different tools. And in order for them to work effectively, these tools have to talk to each other. You want to collate data about your customer from different sources (your CRM, you own database etc) and use that information to provide more intelligent responses. The app platform will allow developers to write these integrations and submit it to our appstore (for free or otherwise)."

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