Suprema Launches G-SDK for gRPC Security Integration

Suprema, a provider of security and biometrics technology and equipment, has launched a new SDK that is designed to further simplify Integration with third-party ID management software. The all-new G-SDK is based on GRPC.

The Suprema G-SDK provides support for languages including Java, C#, Python, Node.js, and Go. The announcement of this SDK comes alongside a new device gateway and gRPC server to support the workflow. 

Suprema noted a significant difference between this new SDK and the existing device SDK:

“One of the biggest advantages of G-SDK compare to Device SDK is that it supports various languages. For the last years, Device SDK users have had difficulty using development language other than C++ or C# which is in the Sample Code.”

Interested developers can check out the company’s support page for more information. 

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