SureChem Delivers First Freely Available Chemistry Patent Database via API

SureChem, traditionally a chemical patent search site, responded to its "customers' requests for a direct pipeline to patent chemistry data that gave them batch access, the ability to easily integrate with internal tools, and no limitations on how they accessed or use the data" with the launch of SureChemDirect. According to SureChem founder, Nicko Goncharoff, the SureChemDirect API "enables users to directly search [the SureChem] database" for chemical patents and chemical structures within their own toolkits.

SureChemDirect allows users to incorporate the SureChem databases into their existing systems and tools. SureChem has received positive feedback on the pre-release of SureChemDirect and looks towards continued success. SureChem has "confirmed half a dozen evaluations with large pharma and expect considerably more now that the product is officially available."

SureChemDirect uses a RESTful API with JSON data format. The data available through the API includes 12 million chemical structures, 20 million full text annotated patents and 70 million patent abstracts. The API "enables customers to incorporate sophisticated chemical patent search into their workflows, perform batch services on their own platforms, and enhance their internal databases."

SureChem's founder asserted: "This will be the first time that a complete patent chemistry collection has been made freely available." Clearly SureChem believes in the benefits of an open approach to scientific discovery. SureChem's API will help pave the way towards innovation by freely enabling the chemistry community. For SureChemDirect access, contact the SureChem team.

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