Survata’s Consumer Feedback API Helps Power Business Decisions

The success of a company is so often related to how well they understand their customers. With today’s growing fascination with big data, users’ opinions are sometimes ignored. Since 2012, San Francisco-based Survata has been embracing the power of consumer feedback by offering businesses customized surveys distributed across their network of affiliate sites. Last week, the company announced the launch of their latest API, which allows developers to access the survey data from within their own application, among other things.

Catering to everything from large enterprises to small businesses, Survata uses information as currency by offering consumers access to free content such as articles, music, videos, and downloads, provided the user completes a short survey. This “survey-wall” method, as opposed to a more traditional “pay-wall,” means visitors are more likely to take part as there is little perceived cost.

Survata’s self-serve survey creation tool means users are able to build their own survey or import one from any other format. Analysts then review and optimize the survey content and find the most appropriate respondents. Results can be accessed from the survey dashboard, or the raw data can be viewed in Excel or Statwing.

Through the new API, clients can create questions of all supported types, specify the number of desired respondents as well as the target audience demographic and location, and then view the results, all from within their application.

With less reliance on the firm’s website, Survata is offering companies more control over content as well as broader access to the type of consumer feedback needed to make business decisions.

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