Swarm.fm Plays its Way to Success at Music Apps Hack Weekend

The Music  Apps Hack Weekend held on February 25-26 at New York City's SPiN Ping Pong Club invited developers to build music apps powered by the Spotify API. The event was organized by  OMD and saw representatives from McDonalds, Mountain Dew, Doritos, State Farm and others actively engage in seeing how developers could possibly drive consumer engagement via music apps.

The hackathon saw more than 200+ participants join in for 48 hours for coding and entertainment. When it was time to submit, more than 30+ applications vied for the grand prize of $10,000.  The winner was Swarm.fm an application that mines the internet for everything related to music and puts all of that inside of Spotify.

Swarm.fm has been created by Peter Watts and its hack page describes itself as “Take the internet, find everything related to music, shove it inside Spotify and put a play button on it”. augments your music collection with activity from your friends (liking bands, listening, posting songs) and activity from artists you like (new releases, status updates), to keep you up to date with your music universe. It also find similarities between friends and can generate playlists based on Artists, Interests and Brands you have in common. Swarm.fm is still unlaunched and reports indicate that it could be launched within a month. Peter has also written a demo application, Spotify Kitchen Sink that can get developers started with the Spotify Apps API.

Spotify, a music subscription service that gives you access to millions of tracks and play them has been one of the fastest growing music services with its API opening up opportunities for developers to create music apps. Applications like Swarm are likely to make the Spotify  experience more integrated since it pulls in relevant information from your various activities and connections across the internet.

Take a look at all the hacks in the MusicApps Hack Weekend. We list 165 music APIs in our directory.

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