SXSW Accelerator Chock Full of APIs

Today thirty two startups will take the stage at SXSW Accelerator to battle to be named the best. Last year's overall winner became the largest mashup acquisition ever when it was gobbled up by Apple a month later. Who will be the winner this year? Chances look good that it will have an API. Below are the finalists that are in our directory.

Music Technology

Next Big SoundNext Big Sound is a website that measures the popularity of bands online by tracking things such as an artist's Facebook and Twitter fans and followers. The Next Big Sound API allows developers to access the data Next Big Sound gathers from social network websites and the statistics derived from that data and use it in their own applications.

Our Next Big Sound API profile

ExtensionFMExfm is an extension for Chrome that lets users discover new music while browsing, organize that music into a Library and share it with friends. The ExtensionFM API allows sites to add songs directly to a user's library as well as listen for and dispatch events to the extension. This API is useful for sites that would like to add music to a user's library but are not currently configured for automatic detection. The API uses JavaScript protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

Our ExFM API profile

Social Media

NimbleNimble is a online relationship management product. With it users can connect all their contacts, calendars, communications and social conversations. Nimble’s API enables users to extend the Nimble Platform functionality by deploying custom applications, creating widgets, and leverage Nimble’s data in external applications. The API lets users integrate their application with all aspects of Nimble, from the contacts page to messages and the stream. The API is currently in beta and Documentation is not available.

Our Nimble API profile

TeamlyTeamly is a productivity tool that helps users focus on their top 5 priorities for the day, week and month. The API is in private beta and documentation is available by request. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

Teamly API profile

Innovative Web Technologies

SmartlingSmartling is a provider of real-time, crowdsourced translations for Internet based businesses. It's cloud-based software platform streamlines the localization of web & mobile applications through professional, crowdsourced or machine translation. The developer API enables an organization to specify exactly what content is translated, identify language-specific localization and design characteristics, and take advantage of many other custom features. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Our Smartling API profile

News Technology

DocumentCloudDocumentCloud helps journalists track documents. It is a repository, as well as a tool for document-based investigative reporting. The company compares its repository to a card catalog. DocumentCloud was built to "accelerate the work of reporters who need to make sense of large sets of documents."

The DocumentCloud API allows developers to create applications around DocumentCloud services. Authentication ( HTTP Basic Auth) is not required for searching documents, but is required for everything else.

Our DocumentCloud API profile

StorifyStorify is a service that allows users to easily create stories from social media posts, such as Tweets or Facebook posts. These stories can then be embedded into blogs or websites, or be retweeted.

The Storify API allows developers to create their own applications containing Stofify stories. Developers can get any story in JSON format by appending '.json' to the end of any Storify permalink (Read API). Developers can also create applications that let users create new stories (Write API).

Our Storify API profile

Did we miss anyone? Probably--let us know in the comments. There are also many finalists built on top of APIs. For the full list, check out the accelerator's website.

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