Syllabs Offers PhD level Semantic Processing

Syllabs is a Paris-based semantic processing service. This company likely has academic roots, based on the number of public research laboratories with whom it partners.  The impression presented on the website is that the Syllabs API offering will continue to grow and change as its consulting business thrives.  The company even offers to develop custom private APIs to fill the particular language processing need that you may have.  Clearly Syllabs sees its API as a key component of running a consulting business.  It’s a little ‘try before you buy’ strategy.

This RESTful API can serve responses to you in XML or JSON, whichever suits your need.  This is a processing  rather than search API.  You submit a bit of data, Syllabs crunches it for you, and returns the results.  The modules support the following functions:  language detection, text, extraction, term extraction, named entity extraction, related keywords, and sentiment analysis.

Most of the modules support many languages, but sentiment analysis is currently available in Syllab’s native tongue, French.  The documentation is well organized and easy to read, but the API is in private Beta and so you'll need to request access.

Syllabs joins the quickly crowding semantic API space.

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