Synq Launches Video API with Developer-First Mindset

Synq offers an API that app developers can use to enable users to upload, store, and playback video. Devs can now skip building a video content management system from scratch, or licensing a third party Platform, and integrate what Synq refers to as the "cloud video API for Developers." Now available, Synq's API aims to serve as a complete, end-to-end, video infrastructure in a box.

"Our platform gives developers the needed flexibility to implement advanced video capabilities in existing infrastructure from any source, and at the same time prep them for AR, VR and the power of Machine Learning," Synq founder and CEO, Stian Hauge, commented.

Synq's model follows many startups that relieve app developers from building complementary services within their apps from the ground up. Consider Twilio for integrating telephony services, or Stripe and Square for payment services. Hauge suggests that prior to Synq, "Video [was] the odd one out." Hauge believes that other video platforms such as Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura, and others only solve part of the video problem (namely: storage, transcoding, and distribution). Synq offers a complete video infrastructure, with a developer-first mindset, that includes fully programmable queries and Webhooks. In short, Synq was designed to integrate with third party apps, not act as a standalone platform.

Through the API, developers gain access to Synq's entire suite of features. Capabilities include video upload and storage, transcoding into multiple formats across platforms, customizable and embedded player, video metadata, webhook notifications, and geo-local content delivery. For more information on access, capabilities, and formats, check out the API docs.

Most of the household names in video content systems started with a platform where users could go to upload and playback videos. As such platforms grew, providers started publishing APIs to expand access to the platform. Synq has taken a different, and novel approach that starts with the API so that third party apps can include video capabilities on their own terms directly within an app. With this developer-first mindset, Synq will likely adjust and innovate to meet the needs to the developer community as opposed to forcing developers to adjust to a particular video platform's ecosystem.

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