Sysomos Launches Redesign and New API

As the insights gained from social media intelligence grow and the tools available become more powerful, companies are finding new and innovative ways to engage customers and grow their businesses. Enterprise social media monitoring and analytics service Sysomos has announced some exciting updates to their social intelligence tools, having recently split from press release distribution service Marketwired.

The first update is a full redesign of its social media listening and monitoring service, Heartbeat. Users now have the ability to customize their dashboard according to their specific needs. Simple drag-and-drop widgets give users complete control over the order and size of dashboard elements, so the interface appears exactly how users want it to.

The dashboard sharing feature encourages collaboration within a team or department, and the subscribe feature means dedicated reporting can be sent to an email of choice with specified frequency. The makeover has made the interface more interactive, also adding content filters, meaning you can dig deeper into the data while maintaining full control.

The second announcement was regarding Sysomos’ social media research and analytics service. Rather than a redesign, MAP (Media Analytics Platform) received an entirely new API that now pulls from real-time, as well as historical data. This new API is powered by Sysomos’ massive database which looks at 500 billion conversations around the globe, totalling over 2 petabytes of data.

"Product innovation is in Sysomos' DNA, and these updates to Heartbeat and MAP reflect a degree of development, foresight, and sophistication unparalleled in our industry," said Sysomos CEO Lindsay Sparks.

Sysomos grew more than 1,500% during four and a half years of partnership with Marketwired and now serve 1,300 of the world’s most influential brands, including Boeing, W2O Group and Coca-Cola. The appointment of Sparks as CEO added to the company’s recent independence from Marketwired mean there may be a lot more to come from the social intelligence giant.

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