Systran API: Found in Translation

Systran's API automates projects that can use machine translation. Based on traditional TCP/IP architecture, the API and its software rely on statistical techniques to learn from existing and validated translations. According to  Systran's API webpage, the API is used wordwide for everything from website translation to interactive chat, from email solutioms to database translation and desktop uses.

Systran translates into 52 languages.

The open API is available in two products, Systran Enterprise Server and Systran Links API. The Enterprise server comes in 3 different versions: Workgroup, Standard and Global. Prices are available through the sales team.

Subscription prices for the Systran Links API range from just over $6,000 a year to over $24,000 a year.

Systran has also released a mobile App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that translates bidirectionally between French and English for $3.99.

There are also a host of products that don't have the API for under $1,000, for as little as $119.

A nifty video demonstrates how to translate a complex Word document (with tables and illustrations) with a few mouse clicks from  Spanish to English.

Clients include a wide range, from the Lincolnshire County Council in the UK wanting to relate to an immigrant population, to Autodesk working on multilingual customer support.

Founded by Dr. Peter Toma in, get this, 1968 with Stone Age tools of the time (okay, the tools part is a lie, but 1968 is correct, according to Wikipedia),

Fittingly, the company has US headquarters in La Jolla, California, yet is headquartered in Paris.

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