TaDaweb API Empowers Third Party Apps with "Small Data"

As "big data" continues to grow in popularity and intrigue, TaDaweb looks to unlock "the power of small data"; and, its TaDaweb API allows developers to tap into that power within third party applications. What does "small data" mean? To TaDaweb, "small data" means a collection of disparate data that exists across the public web that TaDaweb can bring together and provide some clarity.

TaDaweb CEO, Francois Gaspard, described TaDaweb:

“It’s kind of like if Pinterest and Yahoo Pipes had a child.”

Gaspard created TaDaweb after the frustration he experienced trying to gather information across the web that he could actually use. Today, TaDaweb serves thousands of customers. Customers primarily utilize TaDaweb for competitive analysis, collecting data from multiple data sources that constantly change across the web and deriving logical conclusions from the multiple sources of data. TaDaweb stands to benefit from the high price many "big data" providers charge to take a deep dive into private, unstructured data sources.

Public documentation for the TaDaweb API is not currently available. For access to the API, those interested should first sign up for an account. Visit the pricing site to learn more about various accounts and usage potential.

Has "big data" offered enterprise value not generally available a decade ago? Yes. Can all enterprises afford such solutions or do they even need massive data mining capacity? TaDaweb believes "big data" is not always necessary, especially when pulling from public sources. TaDaweb's thousands of users and the competitive advantage such users have derived from its platform suggest TaDaweb is on to something with its "small data" strategy.

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