Tags for Sale

TagDirectory.net is a new mashup variation. What is it? As creator Patrick Ryan explains:

"This is the first ever tag directory. I've used the website del.icio.us to setup a tag directory that will sell listings to advertisers. Combining my idea and using an open resource from another website is called a mashup. So any advertiser can purchase a listing for their website for $20 US for 10 years (or until I die). Now, that's the best advertising deal on the Internet. The advertiser can have the website listed under as many tags as they want. For example, a football website could be listed (tagged) under - sports, football, blog, news. This listing would cost the advertiser only $20."

Go figure. And, if you read the FAQ you see the 'financial objective' is to walk away from his upcoming wedding debt free (and then some given that the goal is $250K). You can track the financial progress by the $ counter on the site's homepage. The new meaning of 'tag sale' and the future of tagging?


Comments (2)

Sounds like he wants to replicate the success of Million Dollar Homepage, but this time with tags. He actually released this in mid-November, but back then it wasn't hooked up to del.cio.us (it was just a site with lots of text on it where you could buy individual letters). Clearly he's realized that he could do better using del.icio.us.


Pete, I think you're right -- a marketing strategy refinement.