Take.io: The Take.net API for Entertainment in Brazil.

The Take.io API from Brazil has a REST protocol with data formats in XML and JSON. According to Take.net, "The take.io RESTful API currently defines five services: SSO, Core, Billing, Messages and Reports." The company states further that, "Take.io is Take.net DNA translated into a set of APIs designed to allow companies to use SMS, MMS, voice, pricing, location, CRM, etc., all of which are integrated with their existing systems."

Founded in 1999, Take.net sold the first ringtone in Brazil, and "provides customized solutions, infotainment, interactive and multimedia, multimodal communications, thus integrating data services, content, voice and video for mobile carriers, companies, advertisers and sponsors." Since its founding, it has delivered over 100 million downloads. Today, 50 million messages are sent monthly, "leveraged by News products, Chat, Opinion Polls, Cultural Contests and Quizzes."

It describes its content mix this way: "Through partnerships with copyright holders (publishers, record labels and media companies) and mobile carriers, Take.net has created and distributed products such as Fulltracks, Ringtones, SMS Tones, Ringback tones, Wallpapers, Videos, Games, Quizzes, Chat, Opinion Polls, News, and other content."

It also delivers "sponsored SMS," where the sponsor pays for a message, earning the right to advertise. The recipient first indicates whether they want to pay or allow the sponsor to pay.

Clients include Claro, Personal, and Movistar.

The company works with all carriers in Brazil and Chile.

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