Talking TV on Twitter with ShowTribe

The way we watch television is definitely changing. For most, it's changed already. Instead of setting up a VCR and hoping that everything goes well, we have DVRs. Instead of racing home to catch things live, we can grab it on iTunes, watch it on Hulu, or the network's own website. It's truly a wonderful time to be a TV fan. With these changes in how we watch TV, it's expected that we'll start to see a change in how we talk about our favorite shows. A new site is using Twitter's API to help make that happen.

ShowTribe is a Twitter-based app that scans Twitter's feeds for TV-related tweets and collects them together to show you what people are saying about your favorite shows. At first glance, ShowTribe appears to be a Trending Topics page on steroids. As you actually check out the pages for shows, you see that you can tweet about the show directly from the app as well as declare a reaction. ShowTribe takes that feedback and reaction and generates a nice chart so you can put a visual aid on how popular the show is.

While ShowTribe is pretty cool in its current state, it definitely needs a few more features before we can declare it the water cooler for TV 2.0.

New features to promote engaging other fans would be welcome and of maybe some Integration with GetGlue or Miso's API (currently in private beta) would be cool, too.

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