Tango Card Improves Rewards as a Service API

Tango Card has announced major improvements to its Rewards as a Service (RaaS) API. The digital gift card provider arose as a leader in the e-gift card API space, and the improvements will only solidify that position. The RaaS API v1.1 includes new features that improve catalog and order functions. The API now supports e-gift cards, prepaid Visa and Mastercard products, bitcoin, promotional products in local languages and currencies.

"Because the digital rewards and incentives we send are critical to our customer's business processes we know that every reward we send not only has to work, but has to be awesome for the recipient," David Leeds, Tango Card CEO, commented in a press release. "We have an ongoing vision and strategy to curate a global rewards and incentives catalog so that audiences outside of the US have an experience that is just as compelling as audiences in the US. This release is another big step to delight our customers' global audiences."

The focus of the new release aims to expand the global services available and provide an easy to use technology for Tango Card partners. Tango Card understands that simple integration is key to a positive partnership and Tango Card believes an effective API strategy is key to developing such partnerships. The RaaS API allows partners to integrate a global reward or incentive program directly into an existing platform.

The new API release includes a number of additions and removals from previous versions. Additions include the ability to designate a type as "reward" or "npo", countries replaces locale, new exchange rates disclaimer and more. For full details on the RaaS API, and the changes associated with v1.1, visit the API docs.

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