Tap Me Launches iPhone Ad Platform, Plans API

There are a number of advertising networks available for mobile applications, but game company Tap Me is creating one specifically for game developers. Tap Me has launched its iPhone SDK today, with plans to support other platforms soon, including a generic API that will allow developers full control of how advertisements are included in their games. Rather than simply provide display advertising, Tap Me ties the ads into in-game actions, with brands able to be integrated deeper into games.

"We want to make in-game advertising contextual to games and as easy to implement as Google AdSense," Tap Me CEO Joshua Hernandez said. Right now, that means the Tap Me iPhone SDK, which covers the most common ways developers will want to integrate ads. Next, the company plans to create SDKs for other platforms, including an HTML 5 developer kit for games built for the web.

Even more exciting to us is the plan for a generic API, which means Tap Me will be available for developers of any Platform via simple HTTP calls. Hernandez says the biggest motivation behind Tap Me's generic API is providing even more customizable ways to integrate ads into games.

From a payment perspective, advertisers don't pay Tap Me per impression, which is the standard in mobile advertising. Instead, it's more akin to Google AdWords, only Hernandez calls it "cost per tap" rather than cost per click. Advertisers can provide gamers with free levels, extra lives or power-ups, all that are used within the game. Players activate these with knowledge of the sponsor, which can open up a relationship between advertiser and gamer--something that's likely worth more than a handful of ad impressions.

Tap Me has already tested the platform with a number of developers, as well as with its popular iPhone game bitFLIP. The iPhone SDK is available now, but stay tuned for other platforms and for the powerful generic API, which will allow gaming to go anywhere.

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