The Tapir API: Adding Search to Your Site Without the Google Branding

The Tapir API is really 3: Search, Ping and Post to give you the power to make your blog searchable, get your articles indexed immediately, and push content manually. Indexing of the RSS Feed is done at 15 minute intervals. According to the API documentation, the results are returned in JSON or JSONP.

As the website Killerstartups explained, "All the content that you post to your blog from that point onwards will be indexed every 15 minutes. And old articles will also be indexed."

A post by Jeff Kreeftmeijer spells out why Tapir can be a useful alternative to Google and other search engines for your website.

"A feature I really wanted in my website was search, since the archive grew quite a bit and it became impossible to find an article without knowing its title, so I started looking for a solution I could use."

Kreeftmeijer continues, "After asking around, it turned out Google’s custom search is still the most used out there. The problem I ran into was that it takes you off the website you were searching on and takes you to a Google results page (complete with slightly irrelevant ads).

"I wanted a more elegant solution, with a nice JSON  API that would allow me to build a search feature on my website using only JavaScript, but I found out that most of the existing search engines didn’t have an API, made me put their logo on my website or gave me a request limit."

Commenting on the post someone calling themselves Vancouver Web Design, concurred, saying: "This is awesome I am going to check it out, anyways I am looking for decent search for our CMS, some of our web design clients need a search for their website and Google is not a option since they don't want  to have Google logo on their website."

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