Taplister Launches Beer Discovery Platform

Taplister, assisting craft beer connoisseurs find beer nearby since 2009, announced "its new nationwide craft beer discovery Platform that helps bars and restaurants promote and socialize their beer selection across digital outlets with one update." The platform allows restaurants to update their beer menus in a single location and have the latest version published across its web properties (e.g. website, Twitter, Facebook, digital signage, etc.). Additionally, Taplister's digital signage product (Digital Beer Board) provides real-time data surrounding the current beer offering (e.g. alcohol content, bitterness, price, serving size, ratings, etc.).

Taplister's platform utilizes two APIs to provide what Upstart Labs' CEO (Greg Rau) calls the "most comprehensive online [beer] menu director[y]." Taplister integrates with Foursquare's API for beer location data, and pulls beer descriptions from Ratebeer's API. Taplister's in-house API is currently private, but will eventually launch publicly to allow entertainment apps, websites, and other developers publish beer menus.

Kerry Finsand, CEO and founder of Taplister, recognized craft beer's growing popularity by noting that the Brewer's Association has reported a 125 year high in US breweries. Finsand suggested Taplister offers a solution to a problem the increasing Craft Beer interest causes: "With so many choices, beer drinkers are demanding an easy way to find their favorite beer on tap near them....With Taplister, there's no more calling bars for what they have on tap, and no more constant updating menus for bars and brewpubs."

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