TappingStone Objective: A Custom App for Every End User

The TappingStone API from this B2D (business to developer) company aims to help developers create apps focused on individual end users.

As Steve O'Hear reports in TechCrunch, "It’s promising to enable app developers to build smarter apps by utilizing the company’s API and backend algorithms. Based on the data that TappingStone then returns, developers can personalise their app for each end user, and in doing so, not only improve the User Experience, but also up sell in a more targeted way or do other interesting things like lesson churn by predicting which users are less likely to stick around before they leave for good."

O'Hear asked the CEO, Simon Chan, for examples. Chan mentioned helping game developers predict which players of a free version of their game would migrate to paying players. Or a travel app doing for trips what Amazon does for books: recommend new destinations based on past travels.

The API webpage shows how the REST API works to integrate with developer Apps. As Tappingstone's website explains,

You define your specific prediction goals. Tappingstone then Builds a unique prediction model based on your data and requirements in 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Integrate TappingStone into Your App
  • Step 2: Define your Objectives for the engine
  • Step 3: TappingStone analyzes your data automatically
  • Step 4: TappingStone builds the right set of algorithms for your app, building prediction models according your data.
  • Step 5: Make Predictions and Provide Feedback
    You can now predict user behaviors in real-time through our simple REST API or SDKs. You can also improve the prediction models by feeding back users' responses.

Competitors include Priorknowledge and Precog.

TappingStone is based in London.

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