Taxamo Announces Worldwide Digital Tax Solution

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Taxamo today announced plans to expand its market-leading digital taxation solution. Taxamo will now support jurisdictions that already have, or soon plan to, implement taxation based on the place of consumption of digital services. This offering follows Taxamo’s flagship EU VAT solution that handles all aspects of consumer location detection and tax reporting on digital sales for the 28 EU Member States that introduced consumer location VAT rules on January 1, 2015.

‘Our data confirms that digital sellers, regardless of size, sell globally,’ said John McCarthy, Taxamo CEO, ‘We saw sales in 108 different countries in Q1 2015 and this reinforced our desire to support our customers wherever they sell, while at the same time eliminating the unnecessary stress of digital taxes and keeping them one step ahead of international tax laws.’

Support for New Regions & Additional Features

Highlights of Taxamo’s latest offering include:

  • Support for South Africa, Norway, Switzerland (introducing zero threshold in 2016), Korea, Japan, & Iceland.  Taxamo also plans to support Australia when digital sales tax is due to be applied in early 2017
  • Taxamo will expand its global offering to cover the US Sales Tax and will offer a robust solution for merchants with digital sales in the US
  • Increased functionality of Taxamo’s existing invoicing product, allowing for additional customisation
  •  Regional threshold monitoring and alerts ‘checklist’ · Enhancements to Taxamo Dashboard and  additional reporting capabilities

 ‘We needed a reliable and secure EU VAT solution for our merchants to trust. But we also needed to ensure our merchants were covered as other regions introduced new digital tax laws. Taxamo ticks all these boxes and is leading the way in providing global digital tax solutions’ – Tyrone Lynch, Senior Vice President, Business Solutions, NTT Communications (

Applying the theme of London Tech Week – Coming To London & Going Global – Taxamo are announcing these plans in advance of London Tech Week (, which takes place from June 15 - 21. As part of the event, Taxamo will host a joint workshop with leading payment service provider Braintree.

Additional information on the event can be found here:

With this announcement, Taxamo delivers on its commitment to enable its customers to compliantly make digital sales anywhere in the world and will rollout these new features in Q3 & Q4 of 2015.

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