TaxCloud Partners with Stripe to Launch New API

FedTax's TaxCloud, the internet's only free sales tax service, now integrates with Stripe. Stripe will be TaxCloud's initial partner for TaxCloud.js, TaxCloud's new sales tax management API. Stripe merchants can now easily comply with any sales tax law in the US, regardless of state, with no extra charge to merchants.

Stripe co-founder and President, John Collison, commented:

"TaxCloud is a great partner....They're taking something that has traditionally been painful for merchants and reducing it to a few lines of JavaScript."

TaxCloud can determine sales tax at the time of sale, incorporate holidays and exemptions, and create detailed reports and sales tax returns. Stripe remains a leader in the online payments industry and is strictly focused on streamlining the process programmatically. Accordingly, Stripe stood as a no-brainer partner for TaxCloud to choose for TaxCloud.js. FedTax co-Founder and CEO, R. David L. Campbell, commented:

"Sales tax doesn't need to be difficult or costly....Stripe's strong brand position in online and mobile payments coupled with their reputation for technical and customer service excellence made them the ideal launch partner for TaxCloud.js, and we are honored to be working with them."

TaxCloud.js uses JavaScript. It can be used for TaxCloud specific API calls, or a User Interface shopping cart to calculate tax before a shopper checks out. For more information, or to see sample integrations, visit the TaxCloud.js site.

Collecting sales tax on internet purchases has become a hot political topic over the past few years. The shake out of regulations is yet to be determined. However, no matter a current merchant's approach, or what enforcement will soon be in place, TaxCloud will assuredly offer a simple method to determine and collect sales tax. Its API strategy is sure to streamline the process further by integrating with ecommerce providers like Stripe.

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