TazWorks Introduces CreditConnect API

TazWorks, a background screening technology provider, has announced its CreditConnect API. The API allows users to add credit check features to their existing screening tools through TazWorks. The credit information comes from Experian Connect. Experian Connect is a secure credit sharing tool offered by Experian.

"This powerhouse API was designed with the integrator in mind to help reduce the constant pressure of rigorous compliance requirements and costly audits," Barton Taylor, TazWorks CEO, commented in a press release. "In the end, it lowers the cost and simplifies the certification process for the integrator."

CreditConnect handles the bulk of compliance requirements. It manages all of the Experian Data. Accordingly, integrators offload most EI3PA requirements to TazWorks. The only compliance issue integrators need to address is the few requirements around login and session security.

The CreditConnect API allows integrators to add Experian Connect capabilities to their platforms. The API is RESTful and returns data in a JSON data format. End users can access a Portal to interact with reports and share accordingly. For more information, check out the API docs.

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