TazWorks Launches New API and Integrations

TazWorks, the leading background screening Platform for CRAs and background screening professionals, today announced the general release of its new API, TazAPI Advanced.  TazWorks' new JSON-based API is fully documented and includes an intuitive development Portal

It is designed to give HR Tech companies, third-party developers, and independent CRAs the ability to efficiently create their own custom Front-end experience on top of TazWorks' industry-leading background screening platform.

As part of the general release of TazAPI Advanced, the company also announced the availability of several new integrations developed using TazAPI - ICIMS Prime, MeasureOne, Greenhouse, and PageUp, adding to an existing list of industry leaders like Ultimate Software, Bullhorn, Jobvite, NeoGov, Teleo, Deltek, Bamboo HR, and many others.  

"It has been amazing to watch the evolution of how searches come through our platform," said TazWorks Marketing VP, Kary Burns.  "We are seeing a shift where CRAs and screening agencies are offering their services through an Integration with the client's preferred HR or property management software.  The data suggests that the future of background screening is through integrations, and we have invested accordingly." 

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