Telegram Bot API 2.0 Features New Inline Keyboards, Message Editing, and More

Telegram, a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging application provider, has released Telegram Bot API 2.0, a major update to the Telegram Bot Platform featuring new capabilities such as inline keyboards, on-the-fly message editing, location requests, and phone number requests. Inline bots have also been significantly upgraded and now feature text substitution, inline mode and private chat switching capabilities, and support for the 19 types of available Telegram content. Bots have become very popular with developers and others in the technology industry. Major technology companies like Microsoft and Facebook have both recently launched bot frameworks for developers.

Telegram is a free, cloud-based messaging application that allows users to send messages and share files securely and reliably. The platform allows users to share all types of files, create groups, write to phone contacts, search phone contacts, and more. According to the company FAQ page, the Telegram application is "like SMS and email combined." Telegram also features a bot platform for developers to create third-party bots that run inside of the Telegram application. The Telegram Bot API allows developers to control their bots with HTTPS requests.

The latest release of the Telegram Bot API, includes a number of new features and improvements. New inline keyboards have been added that can be integrated directly into messages. These new inline keyboards support Callback buttons, URL buttons and switch to inline buttons. Bots can now edit their messages "on-the-fly" and are now capable of requesting a user's location and phone number.

Inline bots have also been significantly upgraded and can send all types of content available in Telegram. There are currently 19 types of available content including documents, contacts, locations, videos, MP3s, stickers, and animations. Telegram has built a number of sample bots to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Telegram bot platform. At the time of this writing, available sample bots include @music, @youtube, @foursquare and @sticker.

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