Telenav Launches New Scout Maps and Navigation SDK, Scout Maps API, and Developers Program

Telenav, a leading personalized navigation services company, has announced the launch of a new Scout Maps and Navigation SDK, Scout Maps API, and Scout for Developers Program. The new Scout Maps and Navigation SDK is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) which according to Telenav, makes it the first commercial-grade navigation for mobile app developers worldwide based on OSM.

The Scout Maps and Navigation SDK makes it possible for developers to incorporate Scout maps and navigation technology into phone, tablet, and desktop applications. Scout Platform features include (but not limited to) Real-time map rendering, map customization, routing and turn-by-turn navigation, RealReach and Heatmaps, geocoding and reverse geocoding, full offline support, seamless offline/online scenarios, and much more.

The Scout Maps API includes support for a variety of language options and there are SDKs available for both iOS and Android. Developers that would like to integrate the Scout platform into web applications can use the Leaflet-based plugin. ProgrammableWeb reached out to Philipp Kandal, managing director of the new Scout for Developers program, who explained to PW that:

"Telenav decided to launch the new Scout for Developer API and SDK platform on OpenStreetMap because we received numerous requests from users who love our GPS navigation apps like Scout but wanted to use it for purposes like bike navigation, hiking and emergency vehicle navigation. So, instead of creating all those apps on our own, we decided to open the tools we use internally to outside developers so they can build those apps by themselves."

Telenav is actively involved in many community events and is a Gold Sponsor of the State Of The Map EU conference that will take place June 13-15, 2014 at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. The SotM-EU conference features presentations, lightning talks, spontaneous meetings and other events that "present different perspectives of OpenStreetMap - the technical, the community, and the user side." Telenav is considering hackathons and other similar events to promote the usage of Scout APIs and SDKs. Philipp Kandal told ProgrammableWeb that:

"Our SDK is targeted especially for startups looking to create highly innovative mapping solutions that they havenít been able to do with the ëold styleí mapping SDKs. Weíre eagerly waiting for the first developers who will build products using our SDK that we couldnít even have imagined possible."

For more information about the Scout Maps and Navigation SDK as well ad the Scout Maps API, visit

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