Telerik Fiddles With Web Debugging by Acquiring Fiddler

Fiddler, a Web Debugging Proxy that logs all  HTTP traffic between a computer and the Internet, is the recent edition to software development tool giant, Telerik. Fiddler is freeware and can debug almost any application that supports a proxy. With this deal comes the brain behind Fiddler, Eric Lawrence, who will join Telerik’s testing division.

Lawrence on the deal between Telerik and Fiddler:

In a recent statement Lawrence spoke about his excitement for what lies ahead:

“With this move, Telerik has given me the opportunity to make it 100 percent of my focus. We have great plans for the advancement of Fiddler including creating an improved User Interface and enhanced support for popular platforms. Together, we’re committed to ensuring the developer community has a top-quality tool that’s free to use and is fully-support by enterprise investment.”

As hinted above the Telerik deal will keep Fiddler as a free tool in the Test Studio family. Something Telerick was very admit about was not taking a free tool from developers and all of a sudden making it monetized. Infact, the Telerik team sees it as a mistake.

Christopher Eyhorn, EVP of the Testing Tools on the plan to use Telerik:

Eyhorn issued a statement reassuring the developer community that change is a good thing this time:

"We have learned from the mistakes of others who have acquired free tools only to turn the tables on the developer community and monetize them at a later date. We respect what Fiddler has delivered to the community and want to expand that value by giving it the appropriate enterprise-level support. Additionally, with Eric joining our team, we gain a formidable competitive edge."

The obvious respect given to both the Fiddler program and it's creator Eric Lawrence by the Telerik team is warming. Futhremore, it suggests a good basis for a union and, with development well underway already, should produce some new advancements.

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