TeleSign Opens Self-Service Portal for its CPaaS APIs

TeleSign, communications Platform as a service (CPaaS) provider, just announced self-service access to its suite of APIs and SDKs. Access is delivered through a new developer portal that allows developers to sign up, receive API credentials, and purchase services. Within minutes, developers can start a free trial and begin testing TeleSign products and services.

"With the introduction of self-service, we are excited to open up our platform to all developers as we continue to change the way businesses communicate with their customers," TeleSign CEO, Aled Miles, commented in a press release.

TeleSign's move to empower individual developers with enterprise-grade CPaaS comes at a time when CPaaS continues to make huge market moves. Both Vonage's acquisition of Nexmo, and Twilio's IPO represented major events in CPaaS. IDC expects the CPaaS market to explode to $8.2 billion by 2021.

APIs and SDKs available through the Portal include:

  • TeleSign Messaging API: SMS alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, two-way communication and OTPs for real-time communications via web and mobile apps 
  • TeleSign Voice API: voice alerts, reminders, notifications, and OTPs for real-time communications via web and mobile apps
  • TeleSign Score API: fraud and risk assessment API based on a number of data points (e.g. phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, Machine Learning, and global data consortium)
  • TeleSign PhoneID API: identifies phones numbers that represent a fraud risk
  • Auto Verify SDK: user verification SDK for Android apps  

Additional developer resources are available through TeleSign's Developer Center. Visit to check out the new portal, and follow more news to come @TeleSign.

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