TeleSign's App Verify Simplifies User Verification and Onboarding

TeleSign announced new iOS features for its App Verify SDK, its mobile app verification service. Originally launched as Auto Verify on Android only, TeleSign has expanded the compatibility and capability of the verification service, and aims to lead the field in app verification and on boarding. A smooth onboarding experience, in a secure manner, is critical in today's app marketplace for increasing conversions.

"Effortless onboarding of new users is critical to our customers," TeleSign Chief product Officer, Tom Powledge, commented in a company release. "With TeleSign App Verify, we're at the forefront of offering simple, secure verification that enables businesses across the globe to verify and protect their users on the two largest operating systems in the world."

TeleSign created the new capabilities to address two critical issues developers face when designing an onboarding process for app users. First, a smooth onboarding experience without a multitude of cumbersome steps is critical to converting interested users into customers. However, developers cannot afford to create a shorter onboarding experience at the expense of lesser security. The Auto Verify SDK allows developers to address both concerns through a simple SDK managed by TeleSign.

Once integrated, new users simply submit a phone number. An auto verification process is then run in the background between the app and the phone (manual steps are removed). The process reduces onboarding friction and ensures security. The SDK is available for both iOS and Android. Check out the SDK site for more information.

TeleSign announced a number of additional iOS features available. Interactive SMS Applink Verification allows developers to send clickable SMS app links that deliver one-time passcode for verification. Integrated Security disallows hackers to reverse engineer the SDK for API credential recovery. Custom Branding allows developers to embed the verification process into third party apps. Customizable SMS templates allows developers to customize the URI scheme. Detailed reporting is also available.

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