Tell Stories with Tweets Through Twitter's Collections API

Twitter announced its new Collections API at Flight (Twitter's 2015 developer conference). According to Twitter, the new API: "turns multiple Tweets into a single story." The API fits within an ecosystem of Twitter tools that help apps and websites curate specific Tweets associated with specific groups and accounts to provide richer content directly within third party apps and websites. This ecosystem includes other tools that many developers are already familiar with including Moments, TweetDeck, and Curator.

"At any time, you can update your collection of Tweets (from any tool that supports the Collections API) and it will automatically update your site or app," Mollie Vandor, Twitter Sr. Product Manager, commented in a blog post. "There's no additional embed code, updates of your website, or need to re-submit your apps to the appstores needed."

Before the launch of the Collections API, publishing a story with Tweets was a burdensome task. Developers had to manually gather numerous Tweet IDs and embed them into an app or website one at a time. With the Collections API, a single Collection ID is used to edit, update, and publish a story from any tool in the ecosystem. The Collections API can be used with TweetDeck, Curator, Spredfast, Dataminr, ScribbleLive, Wayin, and Flowics to organize as desired.

The Collections API uses collections to easily create a group for publication. A user can hand pick the collection or allow the Collections API to programmatically select and update the collection. Collections are public and each collection has its own page on The individuality and standalone nature of each and every collection enables the simple embedding of a collection within a third party app or website.

Without a doubt, Twitter finds value in good story telling. Twitter has created and dedicated significant resources in developing story telling tools. Twitter pitches such tools a method to attract and retain app and website users/audiences. With millions of new Tweets created each day, the potential for realtime action and reaction to events of all types positions Twitter as a truly unique source of storytelling content. Consider where the Content API can enrich your app or website's storytelling abilities. 

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