Tell Yahoo What You Want

Over at the Yahoo! Developer Network blog, Jeremy Zawodny kicked-off the new year by asking developers What's on your 2007 YDN Wish List? A good question that has drawn a healthy mix of responses.

  • New APIs: for media properties like Y!Movies, services like Yahoo! Calendar, custom search, and address book
  • More language-specific centers and tools (Yahoo! already has many): Flex2, ColdFusion, Java
  • Paid APIs for pay-as-you-go usage without limits
  • Greater API consistency (some of the issue is legacy from acquisitions)
  • Tools for developing "on Yahoo!" like Google's GData APIs, aka the "Yahoo Operating System"
  • How-to screencasts
  • And lots of requests for free t-shirts

Later Yahoo!'s Kent Brewster announced they'd opened The Suggestion Box and cross-posted some of these over there.

Great to see an API provider inviting this level of open dialog and feedback.


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Gina is awesome. It is as good as google sometimes, what I think would really enhance is that you have some live searcher taking some live questions through IM. You really can not beat the human experience and knowledge, you know how we reference librarians can reach into the depth of our readings and remember something that a software program just can not..

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