Teradata Extends API Reach of Marketing Cloud

Marketers want to take direct control of their IT environment, so it’s only natural that many marketers now look to the cloud to access a large number of applications. Teradata developed its Integrated Marketing Cloud to provide a central console through which those marketers can access and manage those applications.

At the Teradata Marketing Summit 2014 this week, Teradata announced it is extending the API reach of that cloud service to include integration with the push notification system created by Urban Airship and the Big Data Engine software from Celebrus Technologies that creates a repository where marketers can easily store massive amounts of customer data.

The Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud leverages APIs to give marketers control over applications running on the Teradata cloud as well as applications that are integrated with the Teradata cloud. Integration is through the RESTful APIs that Teradata has exposed through the service, says Wes Moore, vice president of Teradata applications.

The ultimate goal, says Moore, is to give marketers access to marketing applications that don’t necessarily require an intervention on the part of an internal IT organization to invoke.

Much has been made lately about the division between chief marketing officers and CIOs, but Moore notes that the shift toward omnichannel marketing strategies could signal the beginning of a rapprochement between the two camps. Even though digital marketing makes it relatively easy for marketers to invoke any number of application services running in the cloud, omnichannel marketing strategies require the unification of digital marketing efforts with more traditional forms of marketing. More often than not, those traditional forms of marketing are based on applications that are managed by the internal IT department.

In addition, there’s now a concerted effort to integrate those marketing applications with a variety of other data sources, Moore notes. These other data sources span everything from customer relationship management applications to entire supply chain systems. The goal is to unify information sharing across all these applications and systems in real time, he says.

In terms of the overall API economy, digital marketers have clearly been among the more active users of APIs to integrate multiple classes of applications. The next big frontier in digital marketing is clearly to integrate all those applications with the raft of enterprise applications on which the rest of the business depends.

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