Terapeak Developer Program Opens E-commerce Analytics to the Masses

Whether its a new e-commerce startup carving out its niche (e.g. Chirpify, Anedot), or an industry giant releasing new API capabilities (e.g. PayPal, MasterCard), e-commerce stories flood the headlines with new ways to transfer money across the web and on the go. However, Terapeak's approach to e-commerce concentrates on behavior as opposed to money transfer. Terapeak has set the industry standard in e-commerce analytics and market research. Recently, Terapeak aimed to broaden its base and encourage deeper analysis with the new Terapeak API and Developer program.

Terapeak launched the "initiative to provide developers the opportunity to create tools for online merchants." Currently, Terapeak's tools aggregate over 20% of all e-commerce sales data. Now, that data is available to all developers via public APIs. Tyler Black, Terpeak's Developer Programs Director, commented: "We want to become the premier source for analyzing, understanding and predicting e-commerce consumer and product behavior."

Access to the Terapeak API is available via a Mashery Developer Portal. The portal includes a forum and access to Terapeak support and resources. The API utilizes a REST protocol and XML. Data available via the API include sales data, price information, seller information, and more that help developers conduct factual analysis, build pricing guides, and understand market gaps.

Terapeak tools have already enabled hundreds of thousands of users.  With e-commerce moving towards a $250 billion industry by 2014, Terapeak hopes to be at the core of its enablement. Tyler Black added: "By launching a dedicated Developer Program, Terapeak can provide insights to a world of talent that is hungry for innovation." Developers can enter the program for free here.

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