Terbine Opens IoT Marketplace to Aid Smart City Research

Terbine is working to index the world’s physical data that is collected by the myriad IoT devices scattered across the globe. The company hopes that by aggregating this data and removing roadblocks to Integration, smart city research and initiatives can be accelerated. Terbine has announced that qualifying organizations will be provided free access to data feeds.

As the number and variety of IoT devices and networks proliferate, the onus on developers to identify and integrate relevant data is becoming increasingly untenable. Terbine has undertaken a massive initiative to manage a marketplace of IoT data feeds collected globally from universities, public agencies, and corporations. The collected data is then contextualized via standardized metadata and made available through the Terbine APITrack this API. This metadata allows the information to be more easily consumed by both humans and Artificial Intelligence. The marketplace includes search functionality that aids users in finding the correct Feed for their use case.

Data feeds available via the marketplace provide access to information on electricity, water, wastewater, air quality, vehicular counts, and movements from land/air/sea. Terbine understands the potential value that this information provides to city planners and smart city researchers. As an act of goodwill, and certainly promotion, the company is offering qualifying organizations free access to the Terbine Marketplace. Access is provided free of charge for six months, followed by a subscription model that the company did not outline. Academic and non-profit institutions can continue at no cost.

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