Tesco Takes its Grocery App Mobile

The company that launched the world's first grocery API now has a new mobile app, built upon its own Platform. Anyone with a Tesco account and a Nokia phone can now add rhubarb and salad to their virtual cart while out and about. Like the API itself, the app gives us a glimpse of how we might all shop in the future, even if the future is just next year.

Tesco's Nick Langley has more screenshots of the app in his complete walkthrough. Langley also provided an overview of the features in the app:

It's a simple but complete grocery home application which allows you to search for products and add them to your online basket. It has full access to your favourites and all special offers so you can shop for groceries on the move. You can even amend an order that is checked-out awaiting delivery in order to add to (or alter) the basket or delivery slot.

Those of us used to fancy new app unveilings might wonder why Tesco chose Nokia over iPhone. The reason, Langley told MarketingWeek, is that their "core customers are busy mums who don’t have iPhones and we want to focus on them first."

Other platforms are planned, as Langley wrote to Tesco shareholders last month:

In order to bring the functionality of all these applications into one integrated Tesco application, we are currently forming an internal mobile development team who will build these applications for all kinds of mobile phones, not just iPhone. We'll be appearing on all the major handset manufacturers offerings.

So, expect many more mobile shopping innovations from Tesco. There should soon be many, many ways to add jellied eels to your basket.

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