Test VS Queries without Leaving VS Code with GraphQuill

GraphQuill, a Virtual Studio (VS) Code extension that performs GraphQL API testing within the VS Code environment, was recently released as an open-source project on GitHub and added to Microsoft's Visual Studio Marketplace. The goal of GraphQuill is to eliminate the need for switching between VS Code and GraphiQL, Postman, or some other API development tool during development and testing.

"With GraphQuill, our basic idea was to give devs working on GQL projects a quicker and easier way to test their queries without having to leave VS code," Austin Ruby of the GraphQuill team commented in a blog post announcement.

To achieve its goal, Ruby's team sought to build GraphQuill by addressing five goals. First, users should be able to run their server with their API. Second, devs should be able to write queries in line with the rest of their code. Third, users should be able to efficiently Parse queries from their code. Fourth, it should be able to listen to the current file for changes and know when to query the API. Finally, it should actually query the API and print the results to the VS Code terminal.

In addition to these five core concepts, GraphQuill includes additional features helpful to developers. Developers can output the current schema in the GraphQuill output channel. Additionally, the team has published a dockerized version and locally hosted (PostgreSQL and MongoDB) database versions. For more information, check out GraphQuill on GitHub.

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