TextMaster API Copywrites, Translates, and Proofs Content

Last week, TextMaster launched an API that allows developers to integrate copywriting, translation, and proofreading services directly into an application or tool. From blogging platforms to e-commerce companies, any company or individual that needs a second pair of eyes to review content can utilize TextMaster's API. TextMaster CEO, Benoît Laurent, commented: "Potentially any company can need our services to translate a website or to write a brochure or a newsletter.”

TextMaster released their first set of services six months ago (i.e. a crowdsourcing approach to copywriting, translation, and proofreading services made up of thoroughly screened professionals who are paid per word). Since the release, "TextMaster says that its platform has processed 6.5 million words by over 22,000 translators, copywriters, and proofreaders for more than 2,000 customers." The API should grow the already impressive customer base to grow at a more rapid pace as the services are directly integrated into existing applications.

The API uses a REST protocol and responds with JSON or XML. The workflow is based on "projects". Authors/content creators communicate back and forth throughout the life of a project with TextMaster agents through a series of steps to ensure quality and accurate proofreading, translation, and copywriting.

An API approach to proofreading, translation, and copywriting services is a unique approach and could have a monumental effect on each of these multi-billion dollar markets. TextMaster has already snatched up a loyal base of customers in their initial release, but the API services should broaden their appeal to untapped markets. The API is still in beta and can accessed here.

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