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ProgrammableWeb has seen tremendous growth, as we shot past 3,000 APIs in our directory. Our sponsors and partners enable us to have the top-notch writing and editing staff we do to maintain this growth. We're pleased to offer you this chance to learn more about the companies that make our site possible.

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  • Twilio: Telephone applications are now easy to create thanks to Twilio's simple API. And every week it proves this by giving away a netbook to a developer who created the winning entry in its ongoing contest.
  • Hoover's: The business data company just ended the first round of its first developer contest. The Hoover's API provides industry, company and people data.
  • O'Reilly Velocity Conference: Web performance and operations, once the secret sauce of elite Web companies, are now essential ingredients in every company's online strategy. Come learn more and meet the players in Santa Clara on June 14-16th.
  • Brew MP: A robust, integrated and highly scalable mobile OS by Qualcomm with global reach that brings richer applications and experiences to the world’s largest markets today, and next-generation ones tomorrow.
  • NAVTEQ: The NN4D Network for Developers encourages location-aware applications on the web, mobile phones and wireless devices. The NAVTEQ App Warehouse is giving away $5,000 in a drawing from all developers that list their location apps.
  • OpenPlug: The write-it-once, run it on almost any mobile device Platform. The ELIPS studio provides developers with a cross-device solution to push the same codebase out to iPhone, Android, iPad, Symbian and Windows Mobile. It’s also a sister company to ProgrammableWeb.
  • Mashery: Launching and running a successful API is harder than it looks and Mashery’s on-demand API services can help you get there more quickly, with lower costs and better results. See what Netflix, Best Buy and the New York Times already know.
  • Sciverse: A marketplace of applications for researchers, the Sciverse developer network allows the scientific community to build, find and use applications that enhance the research experience.
  • Alcatel-Lucent: The communications solutions provider's Open API Platform has industry solutions for telcos, travel, financial, retail and healthcare. Alcatel-Lucent is also the parent company to ProgrammableWeb.
  • 3Scale: Provides a plug & play, self-service API management solution enabling you to launch, manage and grow your API business without any hassle or unexpected surprises.
  • e-Similate: The simply payments Integration platform makes it easy for developers to include e-commerce and point-of-sale payments into their applications. The e-Similate APIs are payment processing simplified.
  • Alibris: Alibris invited developers to a hack night in May and has a developer contest that ends May 31. The Alibris API lets developers access the world's largest book, movie and music marketplace.
  • Elsevier's Apps for Science: This developer contest is a $35,000 software challenge to accelerate science. The Elsevier API makes available the company's scientific, technical and medical information via API.