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3scale: Provides a plug & play, self-service API management solution enabling you to launch, manage and grow your API business without any hassle or unexpected surprises.

Brew MP: A robust, integrated and highly scalable mobile OS by Qualcomm with global reach that brings richer applications and experiences to the world’s largest markets today, and next-generation ones tomorrow.

e-Similate: The simple payments Integration Platform makes it easy for developers to include e-commerce and point-of-sale payments into their applications. Reduce the time, cost and complexity of developing secure commerce-enabled applications with e-Similate for developers. The e-Similate APIs are payment processing simplified.

Hoover's: The business data company just began the second round of its Ideas & Apps contest. The Hoover’s API provides industry, company and people data.

Layer 7: Organizations that need secure application services should look to Layer 7, which is changing the way you connect to, run and publish services in the cloud.

Mashery: Launching and running a successful API is harder than it looks and Mashery’s on-demand API services can help you get there more quickly, with lower costs and better results. See what Netflix, Best Buy and the New York Times already know.

NAVTEQ: The NN4D Network for Developers encourages location-aware applications on the web, mobile phones and wireless devices. The NAVTEQ App Warehouse just finished a $5,000 drawing for developers that listed their location apps.

OpenPlug Studio: The write-it-once, run it on almost any mobile device platform. The ELIPS studio provides developers with a cross-device solution to push the same codebase out to iPhone, Android, iPad, Symbian and Windows Mobile. It’s also a sister company to ProgrammableWeb.

Twilio: Telephone applications are now easy to create thanks to Twilio’s simple API. And every week it proves this by giving away a netbook to a developer who created the winning entry in its ongoing contest.