Thanksgiving Day Trivia Map

Since it's the Thanksgiving Day holiday here in the US it seems appropriate to point-out that today's Mashup of the Day, the Thanksgiving Day Trivia Map includes: US cities and towns named Turkey (the most common meat served today), or that claim to be the turkey capital of the US or world, or are named Plymouth (with Plymouth Massachusetts said to be where the early Pilgrim settlers first celebrated this event in the 17th century), or are named Cranberry (a popular turkey condiment). And as you can see from his profile, mashup creator Virender Ajmani has registered over 45 of his own mashups on ProgrammableWeb, including some of the most popular Google Maps mashups.

To get a good dose of holiday trivia myth-busting, see this post from Scott Berkun on Debunking Thanksgiving Myths.

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