There May Be Hope Yet For Apple's iOS 6 Maps

The general reaction to Apple's release of the iOS 6 Maps application has been disappointment. Let's face it, it just doesn't work well and steadfast Apple users have valid reason to complain; it's sent users to the wrong places, listed buildings that no longer exist and simply doesn't display the kind of data that Google Maps does. But frustrations aside, it seems there are other things to consider and there may be some huge potential on the rise for the future of iOS 6 Maps.

The exclusion of transit directions from the app is apparently a strategic move on Apple's part. The company stated that ignoring this feature was an attempt to open things up for third-party developers. Apple seem to feel strongly that transit apps that are tailored to each city are the best, and putting the responsibility on developers will result in users receiving a more customized and superior service.

Generally, developers have been excited by the idea and are motivated to step up and create some apps that they may not have been inclined to build before. There are a lot of opportunities for developers; transit apps are now in high demand and word is that these apps will receive free advertising as Apple will include them in a system app that everyone will see. TripGo developer Adrian Schoenig said, "It's better for us developers and better for Apple. Users will feel short-term pain due to the lacking quality of Apple's maps and possibly lack of high-quality transit apps for where they are. In the medium- and long-term it will be an overall gain. It's better for innovation."

This all does sound promising for the long term, but the fact is the situation remains less than ideal for the current everyday user. Hopefully Apple doesn't lose too many avid fans in the process.

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