For The Things You Want To Know: ForWhereIAm API

ForWhereIAm is a service that offers real-time, short-lived and localised information. Businesses use it as a place to post information they want to share with their customers, and users can visit the site to get information on deals and announcements that are relevant to their specific location. The ForWhereIAm API makes some of this data available to third-party developers.


Here's how it works:

For retailers

Retailers can drive business to their stores by creating personalised offers that are relevant to each local store. The service also supplies a customisable web widget that allows businesses to broadcast messages from their own websites and through their own branded mobile apps. This messaging is based on a unique 2 way data filtering system that facilitates localised and accurate messaging without the 'white noise'.

For the public sector

Public service organisations can liaise directly and instantly with residents, providing them with accurate, real-time information that may affect them.

For the end user

Anyone can visit the site and search for information that is relevant to them. It's a case of providing a post code and a search term and getting location specific results. There is no registration required, so no threat of being bombarded with spam.

For developers

The ForWhereIAm API allows third party applications limited access to the systems. API access can be implemented as a client-side flow or a server-side flow using JavaScript or a variety of programming languages. Developers must have a business account with ForWhereIAm in order to use the API.

More information on how to gain access to the API can be found on the ForWhereIAm website.

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