Thinkery API: Organize Your Thoughts

Thinkery offers a tool where users can store notes, todos, and bookmarks. The Thinkery platforms keeps everything organized through a unique #hashtag system. With hopes that developers will create an ecosystem of apps and tools on top of the Thinkery Platform, the company released the Thinkery API. The driving force behind Thinkery rings loud and clear in both its base platform and its API offering: "Your brain, organized."

In an attempt to organize each user's brain, Thinkery decided to meet users where they currently live. Thinkery exists as a standalone app, a Chrome or Firefox extension, an import tool from other apps (e.g. Evernote, Instapaper, etc.) and now an API. Thinkery encourages those interested to take a free trial, and its current user base seems blown away by its utility. Lifehacker ranked Thinkery a top ten under-hyped web app, and one thankful user commented: "It’s as if my brain would use SSD."

The API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. API methods include callbacks for changes, sync capabilities, tag retrieval per user, add new tags, change existing users and tags, user management, and more. For examples and more information, visit the API site.

How many apps aim to get users organized? A new attempt seems to grab our attention on a daily basis. Thinkery serves as a single source to aggregate these disparate apps and can organize all of those side thoughts as well. Give Thinkery a spin for yourself, or go ahead and integrate the API with your existing organization tools. Perhaps you'll be enamored enough to be a early creator in the soon to rise Thinkery developer community.

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