Thomson Reuters Shares Its Research With Investigational Drugs API

Open APIs are being adopted by a wide range of industries, even those outside the Internet sector. Most recently the pharmaceutical industry is realizing the benefits of APIs in sharing information around drug research. Thomson Reuters now provides the Thomson Reuters Pharma API for investigational drugs data. The service provides access the company's comprehensive source of global pharmaceutical intelligence on drugs.

Information available via the API covers the entire drug discovery and development pipeline including the latest drugs, compounds, genetic sequences and targets, clinical trials, patents, journals, conferences, and academic articles. Thomson Reuters provides both a SOAP and RESTful API, returning XML for all requests.

The company is providing access to its research archives while also providing tools encouraging other companies to publish their own information, encouraging collaboration between researchers across the pharmaceutical industry. In doing so, it is also establishing itself as the leading provider of industry research.

Find out more at our Thomson Reuters Pharma API profile or the Thomson Reuters developer website.

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