For Those Who Know What 'Slug Bug' And Volkswagen Have In Common

Most of us would know exactly what the phrases 'slug bug', 'punch bug' or 'punch beetle' mean. They're normally associated with sudden shrieks and a punch in the arm. I'm talking about that old car game that created hours of fun for any kid on a boring car journey. The object of the game was to be the first to spot a Volkswagen Beetle, call out 'slug bug' and punch the other player in the arm. Using Google Street View Imagery via the Google Maps API, Volkswagen has brought this much-loved, old tradition into the modern digital world. Now anyone, anywhere can play the game without ever having to be in a car.

This new online game is called VW Street Quest. Players use Google Street View Imagery to search for and tag any VW vehicles (not just bugs) that have been captured on camera. In order to win the challenge, the player simply has to get the most tags.

At the moment, prizes are only available to South African residents, but that doesn't exclude the rest of the world from exploring the site and playing the game anyway.

Those interested in finding out more about how to play can head over to YouTube to view the official trailer. Users will need a Facebook login to participate in the game.

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