Threat Stack Announces New API for Streamlined DevOps and Security Workflows

Threat Stack, a provider of cloud infrastructure security has released a new APITrack this API that allows users to create security rules, send events to the Platform, audit logs and more, all from within their existing DevOps tools.

The API also enables the ability to view alerts by severity and dismissal of alerts from existing tools with the goal of being able to reduce the mean time to response. In addition to creating security rules, the API offers the ability to disable and enable rules so that customers can conduct system maintenance without causing interruptions to their DevOps and security teams.

A common complaint that Threat Stack has heard from their customers is the number of separate tools that they must manage. The company hopes that the API will enable DevOps teams to reduce the number of tools due to the ability to help users automate workflows and integrate the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform within their existing toolsets.

The Threat Stack API is generally available. Developers interested in learning more can visit the API page to view Documentation as well as API description files in OAS and RAML.

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