Threat Stack Launches New Webhook API

Threat Stack, a cloud security management and compliance solutions provider, has announced the availability of the new Threat Stack Webhook API which allows customers to integrate the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform with internal applications, third-party monitoring platforms, and other systems. The Webhook API is the latest integration to be added to the Threat Stack platform; other available integrations include AWS, PagerDuty, Docker, Slack, and others.

Threat Stack is a comprehensive security suite that helps companies identify security threats, external attacks, and other security issues. The platform also helps companies meet various security compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, and more.

The new Threat Stack Webhook API allows customers to create custom workflows with automatic critical security alerts that can trigger remediation processes. According to Threat Stack, the Webhook API can be used for a number of different security purposes such as:

  • Integrating the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform with custom internal applications
  • Integrating with SIEMs or other monitoring platforms for easier identification of security issues
  • Building new escalation and/or remediation workflows based on Threat Stack alerts
  • Delivering remedial action using automated machine-to-machine processes replacing the need for manual interventions

The Threat Stack Webhook API allows critical alerts to be communicated in real time. API calls are made using standard HTTP requests and alert information is returned from the API in JSON format.

For more information about the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform and the new Webhook API, visit

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