Three New APIs Now Available for the Turn Platform

Turn (, a leading advertising and marketing technology products provider, has announced the availability of three new APIs. These new APIs allow programmatic access to Platform data and functions including: data contract and taxonomy, campaign metadata, and campaign Metrics.

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Turn provides several real-time advertising and marketing technology products including Audience Suite, Campaign Suite and DataMine Analytics. Audience Suite is a platform that allows enterprises to perform data management and audience planning. Campaign Suite allows users to control their cross-channel digital marketing including execution of video, mobile, social, and display advertising. DataMine Analytics is a platform designed for marketers that provides custom data-driven insights that can be used to build effective marketing strategies.

ProgrammableWeb reached out to Turn to find out about the new APIs. Vishal Shah, senior director of product management at Turn, provided ProgrammableWeb some information about the three new APIs:

Data Contract and Taxonomy API

Manage metadata around data contracts, rate schedules, permissions, taxonomies, etc. via API. Allows programmatic control over the data ingestion constructs within our system. For example, a certified data provider can activate new data on behalf of a client without waiting for human intervention ñ the overall process goes from days down to seconds.

Campaign Metadata API

Programmatically create or edit any Campaign Suite object currently found in PowerEdit: insertion orders, packages, line items, etc. For example, clients can create their own interface to manage media execution within Turn. They can also script optimization tactics that they would like to perform in bulk.

Campaign Metrics API

Access performance data regarding Campaign Suite objects: impressions, clicks, etc. For example, clients building their own reporting and monitoring tools can export data out of Turn to centralize in their proprietary systems.

All of these new Turn APIs are RESTful, API responses are in JSON format, and OAuth 2.0 Authentication is supported.

The company says that this is the first in a series of API releases that will become available throughout 2014. Vishal Shah told ProgrammableWeb that:

"Throughout the remainder of 2014, Turn will be releasing a number of APIs around data queries (templates, automatic report scheduling, programmatic reporting), self-service data ingestion and audience segmentation (programmatic configuration, forecasting and syncing)."

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